About us

Cootacraft has entered into a new era of performance offshore powerboats, raising the bar on industry standards for quality, performance, function and style.

 For the serious offshore fisherman looking for cutting edge technology, artisan craftsmanship, proven racing pedigree, and safety... These are the boats for you. 

Cootacraft boats are instantly recognized and respected in the offshore community. Unmatched in structural design and utilising the finest quality materials, we pride ourselves on the performance and quality of our hulls. 

A custom manufactured boat with speed, safety, handling, and quality thoroughly tested on the race course. Their beauty speaking for its self, forming crowds around them when at the ramp, or parked, they steal the show where ever they go.

Each Cootacraft is custom designed for each individual customer's personal specs and requirements. After all, many of our customers are serious offshore fishermen and demand the best in their boats. Quality, speed, efficiency, safety, big seas capabilities and unmatched handling. They know what they want, and we can custom build each hull to their needs. A proven and functional high performance boat that is unique to each customer. They are the pleasure power boats for the people that other people keep their eye on.

Cootacraft continues to expand our line of boats and improve our high quality product line. But what will never change is our absolute commitment to build the highest quality, toughest offshore fishing boats available. Building boats the right way and without compromise.